“Island Breeze” Summer Collection ’21

Let’s travel to the endless Aegean blue.

Your new experience, in the sandal.

When you hear the word sandal, your mind directly transports you to a parallel dimension, giving you a ticket to the coming summer horizons. It is as if he automatically caresses you, conceivably, the warm, comforting, dreamy caress of the warm air that is full of promises for travel, love, adventure, salty skin, excursions, laughter and freedom.


But before this magical journey begins, this beautiful summer adventure, all of you, me, you, fool around in the shops for the clothing and footwear allies who will dress our journeys, giving them color, comfort and identity, enhancing our personal style giving us the confidence that we can conquer all the seas, slopes and alleys of the places that will host us!


Bathing under the deep blue sky in style.

A cool longboat in the endless blue of the Aegean Sea while combining favorite color shades for every taste!

Mix and match colours for a fresh summer style.

A coloured touch…

…make all the difference.

A coloured touch…

…make all the difference.

Where the Sea

meets the Sky