Our passion is the design of handmade shoes from 100% Greek leathers


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light, sun, summer breeze, sea, gorgeous shores

Designs inspired by the Greek islands

our story

Our story begins like this

After receiving our university degrees in the field of Information Technology, we realised that creativity was a key source of energy, which we were never going to find in that field. As a result, we started looking for an alternative. The footwear industry offered a plethora of features that fascinated us, such as timelessness, tradition and creation of something out of nothing. The next step was receiving the training that we lacked, through a series of courses in a footwear crafting school.


At the same time, we set up our workshop, where the crafting and sale of our first handmade shoes begun, mainly to acquaintances and friends, who supported our first steps.


After receiving positive feedback, we decided to set up shop, so that our work could move forward to a professional level. By participating in several bazaars, we promoted our work to the general public.


When we chanced upon a girl wearing one of our designs in a coffee shop in the city center, we realized that many Traveller’s shoes had made their way on to the streets. We decided then to begin our collaboration with retailers, so that Traveller’s shoes could be found and purchased at various locations.


The feedback we received from these stores proved that the customers showed great interest in our designs. At the same time, we realized that interacting with the customers helped us conceive new ideas, correct mistakes and avoid new ones. So we decided to take part in the largest trade exhibition in Greece -Popular Art and Technima – which proved a great success.


We welcomed this year with exclusive collaborations with retailers in Plaka, Mykonos and other islands! The Traveller’s shoes team is growing and our new space is ready to welcome us. In our new workshop/showroom, numerous people start visiting us with ideas and the desire to create their own unique footwear!


“So, where can we find you?” A question that was being asked by more and more people now found a new answer: “In our new eshop of course!” In addition to the showroom and the network of collaborating retailer stores, Traveller’s are now also available on the Internet, ready to travel around the world.


Our successful presence in the field continues. More and more people are wearing our designs, which are now becoming more and more recognizable, as they bear the stamp of the original and the authentic.


Traveller’s shoes have set sail for two new countries, Spain and Germany! We continue working for you, with the same passion and love despite the difficult times we are all experiencing. In addition to our showroom and collaborating stores, Traveller’s shoes can also be found in our all new, updated e-shop!